"...Its easy, yes, but after a few years...Until then its a long [process] of searching and searching and learning with every fail..."

-The WLT

Club 1506 Interview with The WLT

Dana, performing as The WLT, hails from Romania and is a trance music producer. Her story starts back in 2011 when two of favorite producers, Tiesto and WandW, inpsired her to create trance music. There are about 17 tracks of her music featured on her Soundcloud that she released over the years. If you're a fan of trance music you can definitely hear that she's studied her art well and has even ventured out to do her own thing.

It's our pleasure to present this interview to you for this month's Club1506 Spotlight. You'll learn about the meaning of the WLT, and the path she is currently on as she continues to perfect her craft of Trance Music.

Do you remember the first track that you ever created? How hard was it make and what lessons did it teach you?
Yes, I remember. It was On Off. I am not sure even today what style that was …To create a track is always hard, in a way, because if you don’t have ideas then you can t creat it. Any sound needs an idea and you need a full vision of the final track. I think every track has a lesson to teach me and with every new project I learn more and more about producing music, there is no limit when you talk about producing music, its like talking about feelings, never ends..

What does The WLT mean and why have you chosen to perform under that stage name?
The WLT means. Well, We Love Trance. I think this is the right way to show my passion for Trance Music and to be clear for everybody that under this name I am producing only Trance Music.

What do you enjoy most about creating EDM and what do you find appealing about your genre of EDM?
I always believed that to show your feelings through music without any words it is really amazing so this is the first thing I enjoy about producing music. Secondly, I think its an amazing way to bring people together and to travel. In the end this is what its all about. To discover new people, new places..

What would you tell someone who thinks making EDM is as simple and hitting a few keys on a keyboard?
Its easy, yes, but after a few years. When you're gonna discover the sound and style you are looking for to represent you, then its gonna be easy. Until then its a long [process] of searching and searching and learning with every fail or NO you're gonna get. And also I think how hard or easy depends by the style you wanna produce.

A lot of EDM tends to sound the same to someone who is unfamiliar with it. For instance everyone thinks a certain trance song is Armin Van Burren, or a dubstep song is Skrillex , etc. What are some of things that makes The WLT sound's unique and energetic?
I always loved to be different. But actually I think is about how much you want to go out of the line limit. Its about that different sound every producer gets after a while.

What are some the things that you would like to accomplish with your music? Would you like for your music to be in movies, video games, or everywhere imaginable?
I just want to make myself heard out there. I wanna share my music with everyone who loves this style.

Does your music have a general message or theme you would like to deliver?
Love, Music, Lights, Travel, Life.

What are some lessons that you have learned along your journey, as an EDM producer, that you would like to share with others who are thinking of starting out?
I learned that doesn’t matter which label release my music as long I receive a good feedback from my listeners. I learned that a small name is very hard to be noticed. I learned that doesn’t matter what your passion is about, there is a very long and hard [road to travel] until you're gonna accomplish your goals; but nothing is impossible.

For me is very important to know that there are people who are listening to my music daily. My heart goes crazy when I get a message like ;this is awesome: or :I love your new track:

I learned that music is about sharing feelings and ideas.

Where do you see yourself and your music in the future?
In the future I see myself the same. Producing music. I see my music with having a lot of support from different parts of the world. I see my listeners number growing a lot.

Fun Question: If you could go anywhere in the world to do a show, where would you go?
Holland. That's my favorite country. I traveled a lot but Holland stole my heart.

Do you have any final thoughts for your supporters and listeners?
Big Thanks for those who always are there,supporting and listening The WLT Music.

Thank you The WLT for taking the time to do this interview with us.

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